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Welcome! Strategy Seeker is a robust strategy research, strategy marketplace and auto trading / algo trading system designed for retail traders:
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New: Order Strategy Seeker on a private cloud Server with on demand scalability (from 1 to 100 dedicated CPUs) and pay per use.

Shlomo's Blog:

Daily Orders are delivered to your Cell Phone using SMS messages

You can now get your Todays orders via SMS. During the next 30 days this service will be free.
In order to enable receiving SMS messages, you need to login and go to MyAccount. Select the Phone (SMS) Tab and set your Cell Phone number (most countries are supported). Save and you are all set!
Expect every day around 5:00 am UTM an SMS with your orders.
If you wish to disable the service, go again to your Phone (SMS) Tab and clear the phone number.

Have a great trading day!
StrategySeeker Team!

Simulator account added

You can now go to My Account select Broker Connection tab and connect to ‘Simulator Broker’. This will automatically ‘execute’ your today’s orders as if you perform accept trades.
Now, you can follow the statistics of your trades as if they happened in broker account.
Note, we yet do not support commission fee, so its trades excluding any commissions.
Have a great trading day!

Automated logout and SSL support

Please note that once you are logged in, you are referred to the HTTPS (secured HTTP) session. We are still supporting regular HTTP session but this support will end very soon.
Make sure you access our web site with the HTTPS:// prefix.

Also, a 10 minutes time out was added, this means that in case of inactivity for 10 minutes, you will be logged out.

Have a great trading day!
Strategy Seeker Team.

New technical indicators added

Per user requests two additional technical indicators had been added:
1. Aroon Oscillator: A trend-following indicator that uses aspects of the Aroon indicator ("Aroon up" and "Aroon down") to gauge the strength of a current trend and the likelihood that it will continue. The Aroon oscillator is calculated by subtracting Aroon down from Aroon up. Readings above zero indicate that an uptrend is present, while readings below zero indicate that a downtrend is present.

Download marketplace/strategy statistics

Per your request: a new link to download your marketplace strategy statistics was added.

You can download the statistic files (ZIP file) only after login and for your own strategies only.

Download Marketplace Statistics

Our system will change to “Code strict” by default! Action required! You need to update your strategies.

While we always requested to use variable declarations in your strategy code, we did not force it. This means, that one could use a variable $counter without explicit declaration: my $counter; (This is true except for $x, $y which are optimization variables and without declaration could not be used for optimization).

Updated list of functions and technical indicators

We have updated our list of Functions and Technical indicators. Check it here.
Also, we made our Strategy Public Library available for everyone (no need to login) check it here.

Have a great Trading Day,
Strategy Seeker Team!

How to set and use Strategy’s Position Priority

Position priority defines the way signals are selected every day to be sent to execution. Assuming on a specific day, the strategy issues 20 signals each with a buying value of $10,000. Now, let’s say that the portfolio budget is $100,000 (defined in Portfolio Capital), this means that we can only issue 10 orders, the other 10 of the 20 signals will not be send for trading and will be ignored.

How do we tell the system, which signals to select and which ones to ignore?

Advanced topics; writing a filtering strategy, build your own indicator and working with arrays, vectors, etc.

A powerful way to achieve great strategy performance with Strategy Seeker is to launch a “dual strategy” testing. This means, using two different strategies, each in different step. First, create a strategy that seeks specific symbol behavior (we call it the ‘filtering strategy’) and use it to create your specific universe (using Add2Universe function in the strategy, see previous posts). Second, use another strategy, that expect only symbols with the pre-defined behavior (as defined by the filtering strategy) and ‘milk’ it, resulting in very high testing performance.

New, Debug log file download at Lab->result menu

As you may recall, DebugMSG function writes debug message into your strategy's log file. Until now, we could access the log file only from the Charts menu using the last tab. This means that we could not view the log file content resulting from multiple symbol's back-test or forward-test. Now we can! Find all your debug logs (named by the strategy name) in the result tab within Lab menu. Please note that you better download the log file and save it in your local computer, Strategy Seeker server deletes all log files every night 01:30 am UTC. Have a great trading week,


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