Blog: January 2012

Short Strategies - are here!

Yes, keeping the momentum up, here is the latest arrival: Support for Shortsell() and Bytocover(). You can now add to your long strategies a short section or simply create new short strategies and add them to your existing portfolio. Why? well its like adding steroids to your long strategies at bear time or when the market just move sideways. It's also essential for improved risk management. Speaking of risk management, well this is a good opportunity to remind you that now the VXX, XIV and other bunch of securities-goodies are supported so you can long or short them too.

Universe edit - is improved!

ok, we get it, so many of you asked me to first fix the Universe Edit screen and you know what? - you are right.
So, you are welcome to use the new Universe Edit, and power users can also export and import Universe content to/from CSV file.
please note that the CSV file format requires comma between fields, for example:

-- beginning of file ---
Security list,
-- end of file ---

Sooner than expected: Strategy Wizard is here!

Yes, per your requests, the Strategy Wizard is released. Now you are no longer required to learn our scripting language and instead use a pull down menu items to define a new strategy. Once you are done, just press the Accept and the Wizard will generate the code for you. Yes, compilation success of this code is guaranteed :-)
You may read about it at or just jump into the water and start using it! its available for regular and power user.

You vote: Strategy Wizard first !

Well - we had a clear voice here: do first (2) - Strategy Wizard, and after do (1) - Strategy market place.
And so it will be!

Within the next 2 weeks, you should expect first version of Strategy Wizard to be ready. It will allow the user to select functions, indicators, parameters, values and logical condition from drop down lists, and the system will create the strategy. This will allow to focus on the strategy logic, without the need of any programming skills.

What to do first?

Dear Users,
This post is a bit exceptional. I shared with few of our Power Users my new feature release plans, which are:

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