Blog: June 2013

New: Daily Orders email notification service

You can now receive a daily email notification of your Today’s orders and/or your Subscription (subscription to other user’s strategy) orders. To enable it, go to My Account (, and select Edit tab. At the bottom of your profile, you will find a new radio box named ‘TradesNotify’, select it and press save to enable email notifications. That’s it, from now and on (until you uncheck the radio box) you will receive your daily orders mail notification.

New features: Universe’s Symbol Changed Report

Over time, symbols changes names, get canceled (due to merger, liquidation…) etc. Therefore, we need to maintain and update our universes. Strategy Seeker system, maintain a list (constantly updated) of symbol name modifications. In order to use it, a new function ‘Check Symbol’s Validity’ had been added to the Universe Edit screen.

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