Public Strategy Library
NameAllocationsort descendingPos sizeMax PositionsCode
EMA and OBV00.000
1 Sample: using subs from my Private Library00.000
1 Sample: Content of My Private Library00.000
5 days down500.000
Reference Symbol (Channel) Sample1001.001
3X and Date Manipulation sample1003.001
3D and Date Manipulation sample1003.001
ADX and RSI test1000.000
SMP_Stock 3 days down1005.002
SMP_Buy at MIN Sell at Max1005.002
SMP_Power S3 1005.002
Filter Strategy - Sample 11001.001
1 Symbol Screener : Sample 1 (myHigh myLow) ( -new- )1001.001
MINMAX for optimization1000.005
MACD SAR and MFI Sample Startegy1001.001
STOCH MACD SAR MFI sample1001.001
1 NEW: Stop Loss Percentage Sample (-new-)1005.001
1 NEW: Stop Loss Value Sample (-new-)1005.001
mySMA sample of arrays calculations and creating mySMA indi 1001.001
Strategy Optimization Sample code 21001.002
Buy at MIN Sell at Max1005.002
Pattern Search Advanced Sample 11002.001
Debug and Draw Event Sample1002.501
P1 - Sample of Debug Functions1002.501
1 Sample: Change entry and exit price (from Buy at Close to Buy at Open, etc.)1001.001
1 Symbol Screener : Sample 2 (Avg Close X Avg Volume) ( -new- )1002.001
X Y optimization sample1002.0050
Strategy Optimization Sample code 31002.001
Create a Private Graph Sample1002.001
myGraph Sample1005.001
Filter Strategy - Sample - creates a Universe with SMA200 Power1001.001
Filter Strategy - sample - build universe with index as Power1001.001
Stock 3 days down1005.002
P2 - Pattern Search sample1002.001
Bollinger BANDS and MACD Sample -(new)-1001.001
Power S3 1005.002
V91_RX_RY Long and Short1005.002
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