Public Strategy Library
NameAllocationPos sizeMax PositionsCodesort descending
Power S3 1005.002
Buy at MIN Sell at Max1005.002
Stock 3 days down1005.002
SMP_Power S3 1005.002
SMP_Buy at MIN Sell at Max1005.002
SMP_Stock 3 days down1005.002
Filter Strategy - Sample - creates a Universe with SMA200 Power1001.001
Bollinger BANDS and MACD Sample -(new)-1001.001
Create a Private Graph Sample1002.001
ADX and RSI test1000.000
Pattern Search Advanced Sample 11002.001
P2 - Pattern Search sample1002.001
5 days down500.000
Filter Strategy - sample - build universe with index as Power1001.001
V91_RX_RY Long and Short1005.002
Debug and Draw Event Sample1002.501
3X and Date Manipulation sample1003.001
3D and Date Manipulation sample1003.001
MINMAX for optimization1000.005
1 Sample: using subs from my Private Library00.000
P1 - Sample of Debug Functions1002.501
EMA and OBV00.000
MACD SAR and MFI Sample Startegy1001.001
STOCH MACD SAR MFI sample1001.001
1 Symbol Screener : Sample 1 (myHigh myLow) ( -new- )1001.001
1 Symbol Screener : Sample 2 (Avg Close X Avg Volume) ( -new- )1002.001
1 Sample: Change entry and exit price (from Buy at Close to Buy at Open, etc.)1001.001
1 NEW: Stop Loss Percentage Sample (-new-)1005.001
1 NEW: Stop Loss Value Sample (-new-)1005.001
1 Sample: Content of My Private Library00.000
Filter Strategy - Sample 11001.001
Strategy Optimization Sample code 21001.002
mySMA sample of arrays calculations and creating mySMA indi 1001.001
Strategy Optimization Sample code 31002.001
Reference Symbol (Channel) Sample1001.001
myGraph Sample1005.001
X Y optimization sample1002.0050
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