How to Auto Trade with TradeStation account

StrategySeeker can send your daily orders directly to your Tradestation account. These can be your strategy's daily orders or orders from your marketplace subscription strategy.

In order to connect StrategySeeker to your Tradestation broker account, go to My Account and select Broker Connection tab.

Broker Connection Tab

Click on Connect to Tradestation, this will redirect you to Tradestation login screen:

Tradestation login

After successful login, you will be redirected back to StrategySeeker, that's it !

You may now go to your Today's menu:

Todays menu

All you need to do to send your orders to your Tradestation account is click on 'Send orders to Tradestation'. You can do it from your smartphone or web browser, its a few seconds effort.

Remember to Send your orders to Tradestation before market opens.

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